How You (As A Caring Employer) Can Help Employees Through Divorce and Separation

I was delighted to have been invited to the House of Commons recently to the launch of the Parents Promise  a new HR initiative to support parents going through divorce or separation. Businesses including Asda, Tesco, Metro Bank, PwC and Unilever have partnered with the Positive Parenting Alliance (PPA) to promote more family-friendly policies for […]

Suddenly Single? Need help choosing the right legal advice? Look no further.

  I am running ‘Suddenly Single’  1-2-1 sessions & Weekend Retreats at The Nutfield Priory Hotel, for women who find themselves ‘Suddenly Single’  when a relationship ends, that covers legal, financial and parenting advice,  & one of the big worries women have is how to find the right legal advice that is right for their […]

Divorce is messy.

Here is a recent Case Study: Sandra came to see me when she was 3 years into building her new life after her divorce but she was still traumatised by the financial meltdown her husband had left her in. She was still proving to herself that Mrs. Coker, her Maths teacher, was wrong when she […]