The Mental Health Crisis Among Girls.

  We live in a world of growing perfectionism. From selfies to photo shop, young people are under pressure.  They are under pressure at school to perform due to our obsession with data driven learning. They are under pressure on social media – mocked, scorned and ridiculed for looking a certain way or acting a certain […]

Isn’t it time to ‘Talk & Teach’ Your Kids about Mental Health?

Compassion, empathy & understanding start at an early age and they start with you, as parents, talking and teaching your children about all sorts of things including mental health. So I was interested to read about a new survey of more than 1,100 parents that found 55% hadn’t spoken about the subject of  stress, anxiety, […]

How To Spot The Difference Between Teen Depression or Just Bad Moods.

6 million prescriptions for antidepressants are written for children each year which I think is a shocking statistic. I’m working with a family where the teenage boy is refusing to go to school and wants to stay in bed all day and so I thought I’d write about ways to spot the difference between the […]

Self Harm Explained

  I have been supporting a family who were enormously distressed to discover their teenage  child was self harming. Self harming is a way of focusing and externalising emotional pain. Physical pain is much easier to handle than the anger, frustration and depression they carry inside. Self injury is usually impulsive & prompted by an […]