The Sue Atkins Wednesday Story To Ponder – Comfort Zones

  Here is today’s story from my never-ending note book and everlasting coloured pencil ! Comfort Zones  Two seeds lay in a shallow depression in the field where the farmer had thrown them. As the autumn days passed, birds searching for worms, and the wintry wind, loosened the earth, which slowly began to cover them. Patiently […]

A More Forgiving Way For Goal Setting In A Pandemic

I usually power up the music, get into a positive state, dig out my Tony Robbins Goal Setting Template & plan my new year. But I don’t this old approach will serve me this year and whilst I don’t think goal -setting is  cancelled in 2020— I think it needs to look & feel different.  […]

The Sue Atkins Parent Question.

Every Monday I post a Parent Coaching Question for you to ponder. Save it on your phone to see each morning to get you thinking, or pop it up on the fridge in the kitchen to pause to ponder throughout the week. No beating yourself up now ! Just the act of Kaizen – steadily […]

What’s your Mosquito Moment ?

I’m delighted that my article What’s Your Mosquito Moment has been published on The Life Change Network. What gives you a pain can also really inspire you! Imagine a really lovely, sunny day where you are having a really refreshing, chilled glass of white wine, sitting around a beautiful, blue swimming pool with your family […]