Depression is the most common new issue affecting young people.

I was interviewed on LBC Radio discussing the latest survey by the charity Relate revealing that mental health issues are bringing increasingly more young people into the counselling room. 64% of those counsellors surveyed said mental health/depression was the most common new issue affecting young people. Relate, one of the largest provider of counselling […]

Where you argue and what it says about your relationship

Today I’m delighted to have Andrew G Marshall an author and marital therapist as my guest blogger. Andrew G. Marshall is a marital therapist with almost thirty years experience. He trained with RELATE the UK’s leading couple-counselling charity, but has developed his own method which blends psycho-dynamic (which looks at your past and how it […]

Why Mid Life Marriages Are Failing

  “Hope Springs“, the new film starring Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones, highlights a growing trend among ‘silver wedding’ couples to turn to relationship counsellors…. The bit that made me smile was when Meryl pretended to look excited to be getting a subscription to cable TV after 31 years of marriage as her anniversary present ……. […]