Is Your Family Blooming?

When I heard that my great pals across the pond Dr Lynne Kenney & Wendy Young from Kidlutions were writing a new book to help children bloom and flourish I was really excited. “Bloom” presents a brain-based style of parenting that helps children learn to  develop the social-emotional, behavioural and communication skills to  grow and […]

Teaching Kids To Be Good People

I’d like to tell you about a new book that I think you’ll find helpful on your parenting journey by my friend Annie Fox called  “Teaching Kids to Be Good People” Here’s my recent testimonial for it: “Raising happy, confident, emotionally intelligent, compassionate kids is not always easy in these 24/7 digitally online times. Finding […]

Rhythms, Rituals & Routines – The Sue Atkins Weekly Parent Coaching Question

I am reading the very wonderful book “Celebrating Families” –   which is just bursting with simple,practical ways to enhance family life  by my friend Helen Sanderson and Maye Taylor at the moment and I can’t put it down! I keep having to stop and highlight their wonderfully simple yet inspiring ideas and I was in a school today […]

Do You Want to Know How to Develop the Inner Entrepreneur in Your Child ?

                         As the number of job vacancies available to school-leavers and graduates continues to shrink, developing your child’s entrepreneurial ability has never been more important. In this new book, mum and entrepreneur Lorraine Allman, offers over a hundred activities and ideas, and picks the brains of some of the UK’s most successful entrepreneurs, sharing […]

My interview with the wonderful Talking Tots

I highly recommend the wonderful Talking Tots as they offer fun interactive pre-school sessions that develop speech and language skills which are SO crucial to a young child’s development. Here is my interview with them: “Talking Tots spoke to the marvellous Sue Atkins, parenting coach and author of Raising Happy Children, to see what advice […]


  Today I am delighted to have Wendy Young Founder of Kidlutions as my guest blogger. Wendy’s mission is to provide all children with a sense of success in handling whatever problems come their way.  She  knows that in life, success is not the absence of problems, but the ability to deal with them.  Kidlutions […]

NumberJacks Mission to Learn

I love this website! it’s a cute and fun way to teach your children maths. Mission to learn is an exciting and entertaining world where children from the age of 3 become engaged with mathematics through a unique mix of games, video, audio, images and interactivity. It’s not free, but it does give you a […]

Talking Teenager

What are you to do when your cheerful, friendly family members morph overnight into sarcastic, sullen, teens? How can you get through to these hormonally challenged strangers when all you get in return are sighs and eyerolls? Thankfully, this book reveals the groundbreaking strategies you can use to maintain good communication, healthy interaction, and strong […]

Mr Thorne Does Phonics

          I am delighted to introduce you to a great friend of mine, a pioneering teacher from Solihull, who has become an internet sensation after helping almost a million people around the world to read. Chris has quite literally taken the world by storm through his amazing videos on YouTube called Mr […]

Family Talk

I think sitting round the table eating helps families connect, share and have fun so I love Around the Table Games. They are fun, thought provoking and easy to carry and they get the whole family talking – even hard-to-talk-to Teens! These great questions will stop you from just nagging about eating vegetables or holding […]