You’ve heard of Tiger Mums, Helicopter Dads but have you heard of Snowplough Parents?

So now there’s a new generation of ‘pushy parenting’ called ‘Snowplough’ parenting where parents micromanage their children’s lives to shoehorn them into elite universities. This of course leads to kids being overly dependent on their parents and left battling depression, failure and break down. A leading education expert says that aggressive parenting makes children “anxious, […]

Children ‘need pushy parents’ – but do they really?

  I’m being interviewed tomorrow on LBC Radio about “Pushy Parents” as Rosie Millard, the former BBC arts correspondent claims,  in a new BBC Radio 4 programme to be broadcast this week, that middle class mothers and fathers should be proud to be “pushy parents” instead of being embarrassed. But as a former Deputy Head and Class […]

Judy Murray – pushy parent or encouraging Mum?

I’ve been invited to chat on LBC Radio this morning about Judy Murray – Andy Murray’s Mum discussing whether she is a pushy  Mum. I’ve met my share of  Pushy Parents as a former Deputy Head in a Prep School but  there’s a line I think between encouraging your child to fulfill their true potential […]

Babies natural bonds with mothers eroded by pushy parents.

  I have recently been interviewed about babies being “hothoused” by their pushy parents for a feature for Practical Parenting and Pregnancy magazine on a study that says mums are taking their babies to too many classes eroding the bond between mother and child. It’s an interesting article ! I think it’s all about finding […]