The Power of YOUR Emotions

I’ve been coaching a lovely Dad who has been finding his 14 year old daughter very challenging recently with her mood swings, rude tone of voice and shoulder shrugging attitude and it got me thinking about the power of our emotions which can either create or break the connections of family harmony. As a parent […]

Teenage Mood Swings …..are they normal?

Perhaps you’ve heard from ‘You don’t understand me?’ to ‘Why can’t you just stop going on at me and leave me alone!’ all before and are wondering if it’s normal. Well, to reassure you …. it is but your teenager’s mood swings can affect the whole family and they can be a source of huge distress, […]

Fed up with SULKING ! Here are my top tips for handling it !

  When your child sits sulking with their arms folded, or starts slamming doors, what do you do – ignore the behaviour or acknowledge it? I offer lots of practical tips on getting through to a sulking child – watch my video here:   Download your copy of Sue’s Ebook How to give your kids the […]