5 Important Questions To Ask Before You Get Your Child A Mobile Phone.

I’m asked all the time by stressed out, nagged to death parents, ‘When is the best age to get my child a mobile phone?’ Even though they have probably been begging for one—how do you know they are really ready? One simple question is to ask yourself, ‘What will they be using it for?’ I […]

Is your child a hopeless screen-ager?

  Children today are growing up with computers, Gameboys, Play Stations, X-boxes and Wii’s. They are the generation of screenagers. But what does this mean to your child’s development? Well, it means that your child will: be strongly visual and think in pictures be literal as opposed to abstract in their thinking have a shorter […]

10 Reasons You Shouldn’t Hand A Mobile Phone to Your Young Children.

I was invited to talk on BBC Radio Wales about children as young as 5 being bought their own mobile phones. An Adelaide technology company says it has sold 25,000 of its all-in-one children’s smartphone, watch and GPS devices in 2020 and we’re still only in January! As regular listeners to my podcast will know […]

In case you missed me on Good Morning Britain yesterday

  Children are starting school not able to speak properly because their parents are too busy looking at their smart phones to talk to them, a senior Labour MP has said. Shadow Education Secretary Tristram Hunt warned that children’s development and their long-term prospects are being impacted by irresponsible parents more interested in Instagram and […]

Digital Parenting Made Easy

I picked up a copy of the excellent “Digital Parenting” Magazine from Vodafone yesterday – you can read really helpful articles  and “How To” Guides on all things technical from Parental Controls on XBox 360, to setting up Blackberry Parental Controls, to teaching you how to put  YouTube on Safety Mode.