The need for noise and our struggle with silence.

I go into many schools running my Confidence Classes for Kids Workshop  and I am always struck by how noisy the classrooms can become. I do an exercise called The Garden of Dreams where I take the children on a visualisation into a beautiful garden with sunflowers and waterfalls and I help them relax, concentrate […]

My take on ways forward after the riots.

The riots in the UK shocked the world  but I believe that good will come from the ashes of the burning cars and the looted shops as we will as a Nation begin to look at the underlying causes to such wilful and reckless looting, greed and disaffection. It has become the norm, over recent […]

The Unfair, Unjust and Unbelievably Harsh Voice of Ludicrous Comparison!

One of the most intriguing, unjust and unhelpful beliefs that a lot of parents have, is the belief that because someone is excellent at something or displays incredible levels of skill it means that you can never become as skilful as them, so there is no point in even trying. This is a commonly held […]