Why Childhood Memories Fade Away

What’s your earliest memory? Whatever you recall, it’s unlikely you’ll bring back memories before the ages of three or four because of a phenomenon called infantile amnesia, or the inability of adults to remember the earliest years of life. Recent research explores the range of time in which children’s memories of early childhood disappear or […]

The 2012 Summer Olympics are just weeks away and a new video has Mums buzzing

   I’m off to see the Olympic Torch pass through Godstone today with my kids – a special occasion and one to make a few great memories. The 2012 Summer Olympics are just weeks away and a new video has commenters buzzing. Entitled “Kids 2012,” the ad features OIympic athletes as kids, a poignant way of showing […]

The Sue Atkins Wednesday Story To Ponder !

  The difference that makes the difference. Here’s a story from my never ending notebook and everlasting pencil.  As she stood in front of her fifth-year primary class on the first day of the school year, Mrs Evans uttered the usual platitude. She told her students that she liked them all equally and would treat […]

Bono, Mandela and Making Memories

  I’m on holiday at the moment in South Africa staying with our great friends in Hout Bay, just outside Cape Town, and seeing my son who’s on his travels and who is staying here for a few months. Last night we went to see U2 at the Green Point Stadium and had the most […]