Digital Wellness Tips for Parents & Children

‘The New Digital Divide’ is digital wellness — which means responsible and healthy relationships with technology — all part of overall children & student wellbeing which is an essential 21st-century skill. It is not uncommon that children spend 6 to 8 hours on digital screens every day. Some children are taught knowledge and skills necessary […]

So are your kids being seduced by too much advertising?

Advertising is a multi-million pound business and our kids are surrounded by adverts all the time on websites, on TV, on billboards, in magazines as well as in films as product placements, on buses, buildings, and scoreboards. The power of a celebrity endorsement is very potent to young people. Just think of  Dua Lia’s pulling […]

Prince George: Are the paparazzi harassing the two-year old?

I recently did an segment on my thoughts on the paparazzi and Prince George. Have a watch of the minute length video Are the paparazzi harassing the two-year old? Would love to hear what you think about this issue! Leave a comment and let me know.

“Do you know what your children are watching?”

      I love Twitter as it is such a wonderful place to share expertise and Lori Lite and I have become “Twitter” friends as I really love the work she does helping children, teens and adults decrease stress, anxiety and anger. I have invited Lori  from Stress Free Kids to be a guest blogger today […]