Hands-on, multi-sensory, creative maths activities.

As a former Deputy Head and Class teacher for over 20 years I know how your child’s skills can slip during the Summer Holidays so when I discovered these super hands-on,  multi-sensory, creative maths activities from NurtureStore, I thought I’d share them with you, as you might find it fun to keep practising simple maths […]

Parents ‘must be positive about maths’

As a former Deputy Head teacher I have to agree with  Huw Lewis when he days that Parents ‘must be positive about maths’ Around three in 10 parents admit making negative comments about maths in front of their children, according to a poll commissioned by the Welsh government. The Welsh government is launching a new […]

Well, thank God maths isn’t taught like that in schools.

Today I’m delighted to have Kate Long the author of “ Before She Was Mine”  which  is available on Amazon as my guest blogger today. Kate is discussing the importance of exercise. “Imagine you’re back at school, and on your way to a maths lesson. Although you appreciate maths is a vitally important life skill, it […]

Soooo did you hate maths at school ….. I know I did !

As you know I am an expert on the very wonderful Parent Channel TV that international readers can find on YouTube by clicking here Maths may have changed quite a bit since you were at school – so do you know what to do when your children ask for help with this important subject? Understand […]