Divorce From Your Child’s Perspective. Things To Think About.

  Most parents don’t know the options that are available to divorcing couples rather than the aggressive ‘Going to Court’ option.  Most solicitors in fact don’t favour taking your case to Court as it is expensive and can be very damaging to everyone in the family, particularly your children. Mediation is a good option – […]

Divorce isn’t about winners and losers. It’s about working out a way to handle the separation with dignity and compassion and minimising the disruption to your children. Here Are My Top 10 Tips.

Whoever you are, no matter how famous or wealthy or whatever age you are, getting divorced is a major life change. It is stressful, challenging and painful. Here is an article I have written to help. Please share it on Twitter or Facebook or forward to a friend who might find it helpful. It’s  also National […]

‘How Much Will My Divorce Cost?’ Everything You Need To Know.

Finances – This is the first video concerning the finances of a divorce. What’s it going to cost and what do you need to think about as you go through the divorce process.     I’ve recently launched a new series of free Divorce videos called -> Divorce Step by Step. Divorce Step By Step has […]

Don’t Stew – Ask Sue: ‘My wife and I are getting divorced and I’m moving out. What’s the best way to talk to our children, aged 10 and eight, about what’s happening and the future?’

“My wife and I are getting divorced and I’m moving out. What’s the best way to talk to our children, aged 10 and eight, about what’s happening and the future?” This is an important time in everyone’s life as everything is about to change and your children need you to have clarity, direction and confidence […]

Here’s A Quick & Simple Way To REALLY Listen To Your Children During Divorce.

 Communicating with children of any age is a key parenting skill, as it helps build your child’s self-esteem and confidence and learning to really listen to your child as you go through your divorce is crucial. Just as talking to your children is vital, no less important is the art of listening to them when […]

Divorce can seriously damage your health. Here’s ways to cope.

You won’t be surprised to learn that many studies have shown, that divorce can dramatically reduce a woman’s self-esteem, their confidence and their mental wellbeing as naturally, divorcing women are undergoing very high levels of strain and stress during this time. This study carried out by Bharti Sharma and published in ‘Journal of the Indian […]

Is it a good idea to announce your divorce on social media?

  Is it a good idea to announce your divorce on social media? Whether your surfing Instagram, hovering over Face Book or agonising over your chosen hashtag on Twitter, social media is here to stay, but is it a good idea to announce your impending divorce on all these platforms? I work with many parents […]

Do you try harder in your relationship because your parents split up?

Younger couples who come from broken homes have led a backlash against divorce, a report claimed yesterday. Lawyers said declining divorce rates over the past 20 years are the result of the bitter experiences of children whose parents parted when divorce was at its peak in the 1980s and early 1990s. Now married and possibly […]

Are You Prepared For The Divorce Process?

Screaming ‘I want a divorce’ is only the first part of a very LONG journey. Getting divorced uproots everything you’ve held dear. Getting divorced challenges your perception of who you really are. Getting divorced can transfix you with fear. Getting divorced unsettles your children, and overwhelms you with guilt. Getting the house and the lawn mower […]

How to keep the glow with your partner after having kids !

Listen to my late night interview on marriage, relationships, kids and the 5 types of Love Languages on Relationships360  Blog Talk Radio with Tiffany Williams-Jallow.   Click here to listen to the interview   If you have found this podcast helpful and thought provoking please pass it forward to your friends, colleagues, schools and nurseries……. because […]

From Conflict To Conversation – Divorce Without Damage.

I was delighted to have been interviewed by Scott Docherty, on how my role as a coach helps families through the challenging time of divorce. This is a series of interviews with CALM Scotland mediators and others connected with mediation. The interviews are hosted by Scott C. Docherty, an accredited lawyer mediator who practises in […]