Depression is the most common new issue affecting young people.

I was interviewed on LBC Radio discussing the latest survey by the charity Relate revealing that mental health issues are bringing increasingly more young people into the counselling room. 64% of those counsellors surveyed said mental health/depression was the most common new issue affecting young people. Relate, one of the largest provider of counselling […]

Are Kids Really Prepared For The World Of Work?

I am on LBC Radio with Andrew Castle discussing the new CBI campaign calling for reformed careers advice in schools to ensure every young person gets quality guidance and at least four interactions with working life by the age of 16. My daughter started her ‘proper’ job two weeks ago after leaving University so I have  a […]

Is David Cameron right to praise the ‘tiger mother’?

  I’m speaking on LBC radio at 10 am today discussing a new push from the Government around helping families to raise happy, confident, resilient children. I’m always saying that ‘kids don’t come with a handbook’ and one of the most frustrating things about my work with parents is that they seem to think it’s […]

Parents are resigned to teens having sex earlier.

Join me on LBC Radio discussing the latest survey in The Sunday Times that “Parents are resigned to teens having sex earlier. THREE-QUARTERS of British parents believe their children will lose their  virginity at the age of 16 or younger and most allow their teenage children  to have sex in their homes, according to an […]

Children ‘need pushy parents’ – but do they really?

  I’m being interviewed tomorrow on LBC Radio about “Pushy Parents” as Rosie Millard, the former BBC arts correspondent claims,  in a new BBC Radio 4 programme to be broadcast this week, that middle class mothers and fathers should be proud to be “pushy parents” instead of being embarrassed. But as a former Deputy Head and Class […]

Would you feel happy about your 10 year old learning about legal highs at school?

I’ve been interviewed on LBC Radio about the  idea that more should be done in schools to protect children from drugs by giving children from 10 years old more school lessons about illegal drugs and dangerous new ‘legal highs’,  according to a government adviser. Professor Simon Gibbons, a member of the Advisory Council on the […]

Have young people never had it so bad?

I was recently talking on LBC Radio about young people’s expectations and their hopes for owning their own property as today’s young face, including my own two kids,  high unemployment, expensive education, and a lifetime of renting, whereas when I was in my twenties we had rising wages, low house prices & plenty of job opportunities. […]

Judy Murray – pushy parent or encouraging Mum?

I’ve been invited to chat on LBC Radio this morning about Judy Murray – Andy Murray’s Mum discussing whether she is a pushy  Mum. I’ve met my share of  Pushy Parents as a former Deputy Head in a Prep School but  there’s a line I think between encouraging your child to fulfill their true potential […]


  “Children who drink at younger ages are the ones who need help most. We also know that children whose parents misuse alcohol are more likely to develop their own problems later in life” ~Simon Antrobus, chief executive of drug and alcohol rehabilitation charity Addaction I am being interviewed today on LBC Radio  about […]

Teachers worried as girls go top of the class for cyber-bullying

I have just been interviewed on LBC Radio about a new worrying survey that suggests that girls are more likely to resort to cyberbullying. Teachers will today call for an investigation into rising levels of poor behaviour among girls in the classroom.  The girls, they argue, are more likely to resort to cyber-bullying – the […]