Ctrl+Alt+Delay: Why Parents Don’t Use Parental Controls

Ctrl+Alt+Delay:  I talk to lots of parents about all sorts of things, naturally, in my work but I’ve noticed not many parents think to use parental controls on their child’s devices. There seems to be quite a few reasons why not from: 🕹️Lack of Awareness: Some parents aren’t aware of the existence or capabilities of […]

Jamie Oliver has banned his kids from social media…..

Jamie Oliver has banned his children from social media – and in many families there is a constant battle between demands for privacy and safety. Here, parents share the lessons they have learned and the techniques they use. http://www.theguardian.com/technology/2013/nov/03/internet-children-parents-safety How do you cope? All out ban? I teach the parents I work with to “Talk […]