Is Your Family Blooming?

When I heard that my great pals across the pond Dr Lynne Kenney & Wendy Young from Kidlutions were writing a new book to help children bloom and flourish I was really excited. “Bloom” presents a brain-based style of parenting that helps children learn to  develop the social-emotional, behavioural and communication skills to  grow and […]

Mad isn’t Bad !

Today I am really thrilled to have my friend Wendy Young as my guest blogger. Wendy is the mum of three, an award winning Child & Family Therapist and the founder of Kidlutions: Solutions for Kids. Here is her excellent asticle on handling anger. “Does your child get angry? That’s what I thought! Anger is […]


  Today I am delighted to have Wendy Young Founder of Kidlutions as my guest blogger. Wendy’s mission is to provide all children with a sense of success in handling whatever problems come their way.  She  knows that in life, success is not the absence of problems, but the ability to deal with them.  Kidlutions […]