Are You Missing One of These for A Successful Relationship?

Keeping the Glow with your Partner. Although most of us desire a healthy relationship it’s surprising how many of us don’t really understand what makes love survive long term. Most of us are bombarded with images of love and sex in magazines, TV adverts, and on the radio but often they idealise, romanticise or trivialise […]

If you really loved me I wouldn’t have to ask !

Keeping the Glow with your Partner. Do you want more attention, more respect, more help with the kids, more hugs, more romance, more surprises, more time together, more intimacy, and more fun? Someone to babysit, iron the shirts, help make the dinner sometimes or hang up the towels in the bathroom? Then ask. “But I […]


  As I prepare for my beautiful daughter to leave  my nest and fly off to Manchester Metropole University in a few weeks I read with interest this article as I am also currently going through a divorce after 21 years. 7 TIPS FOR IMPROVING MARRIAGE IN AN EMPTY NEST It is peak move-in time […]

How to keep the glow with your partner after having kids !

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