Why is it that when an adult hits a child we call it discipline ?

 Building Your Children’s Character Without Smacking Them.   I’ve just come off the sofa on ITV ‘Good Morning Britain’ with Jeremy Kyle and Kate Garraway discussing smacking. I felt the pressure of 2 presenters and a lady from a Charity agreeing that it’s OK to smack, tap, and hit a child as it depends on […]

Hi I’m Sue Atkins I teach families how to be happier.

  Hi I’m Sue Atkins I teach families how to be happier. I was at a social event at Farleigh Court Golf Club the other day and someone asked me, ‘So, Sue, what do you do?’ I always find this a tricky question to answer as I do so many things but I just spontaneously […]

Dealing with Bullying – Advice for Children who are being Bullied

    I am appearing on ITV ‘This Morning’ doing a phone- in to help children and families affected by bullying after following the story of Casey Mahon who had her pony tail cut off by the bullies at school. I experienced being bullied myself when I was 11 and developed  alepecia for a little […]

My Top Tips on ITV ‘This Morning’ for travelling with kids on planes !

  I’m on ITV ‘This Morning’ chatting you through my ‘Top Tips For Travelling On A Plane With Kids’ Travelling with kids isn’t always easy but with a little forward planning you CAN enjoy your trip and relax despite feeling anxious about all the other holiday makers! We were on hols in South Africa and […]

Hands on Prince William is a top parent.

I was delighted to see my article on Prince William’s comments about being a Dad in The Sunday Mirror and The Sunday People. Prince William made his comments in a new documentary being aired tomorrow night on ITV to celebrate 40 years of The Prince’s Trust. Ant and Dec spent a year in the company […]

A Parent’s Guide to LGBT and Homophobic Bullying

I am on ITV This Morning discussing same sex families. Bullying can happen to anyone at any age. My bullying diary can be really helpful to keep a record of the bullying that you’ve experienced to show to someone you really trust when you are talking to your parents, teachers or other adults about sorting […]

Coming up on Friday’s show – me !

Join  me tomorrow on ITV ‘This Morning’ to discuss back to school blues and all things around homework to friendships to bullying. Coming up on Friday’s show – me ! http://www.itv.com/thismorning