Being Alone After Divorce: Why It Takes Time. Tips on How to Enjoy It

Learning to live by yourself after divorcing is not easy. It’s lonely, scary and uncomfortable at first and the reason I know is that I have been separated from my ex for over 3 years and while I adjusted to that easily, I found when my son left home and my daughter went back to […]

Is Making A Bucket List the Cure to Post-Breakup Depression?

  I love the idea of a Bucket List – a list of things you want to do before you ‘Kick The Bucket’ and leave this world. I wrote mine years ago and I take the list out from time to time to add new things I want to see, hear or experience as I […]

Why friends become invisible while you’re in the process of divorcing.

I noticed most of my dear friends were right there while I was going through the process of divorcing but not all ! Someone who I have known since I was 15 hasn’t been in touch to see how I was doing – which surprised me but life is all about managing the hands you are dealt […]