Try This Simple Technique – A Smile Is A Curve That Puts A Lot Of Things Straight !

            I was reading an article on LinkedIn by Jonathan Phelan a Wellbeing & Resilience author & speaker who was listening to a fascinating programme on Radio 4 about communication. The interviewee reflected on how she trained police negotiators. One point she made was particularly insightful. When a police negotiator starts […]

Depression is the most common new issue affecting young people.

I was interviewed on LBC Radio discussing the latest survey by the charity Relate revealing that mental health issues are bringing increasingly more young people into the counselling room. 64% of those counsellors surveyed said mental health/depression was the most common new issue affecting young people. Relate, one of the largest provider of counselling […]

Ten Simple Things to Do Every Single Day As A Parent of a Teenager

  Here are some practical ideas to keep the bridges of communication open between you and your teen. ·                You can never be too loving with your teenage children.   Get rid of that old wives’ tale that hugging them, holding them, or telling them you love them is spoiling your children. If many of the parents […]