Snacking – is it really such a bad idea?

Today I’m delighted to have as my guest blogger Karen Le Billon who was born in Montreal and is based in Vancouver. Karen is an author and teacher. Married to a Frenchman, she has two daughters, and her family divides its time between Vancouver and France. French Kids Eat Everything (HarperCollins) is Karen’s newest book, […]

What’s Skittles, Santa and Salad Got In Common?

  “There’s a lot of sitting around eating and watching TV over the Christmas period, so family and fitness experts provide ideas on how to keep the whole family active and entertained while the telly’s switched off. Thoughts of Christmas don’t exactly conjure up images of exercising, watching what you eat and looking after the […]

Soooo how do you keep YOUR kids normal, healthy and away from reality shows ?

  Michelle Obama has revealed that the President does not approve of his daughters watching “Keeping up with the Kardashians.” In a candid new interview, the First Lady spoke about her husband’s opinion of the reality TV show: ‘When they watch that stuff… he doesn’t like that as much.’ Mrs Obama also spoke about the […]

Lunchboxes, semolina and keeping your kids healthy !

I was  just coming back from walking the dogs in the fields when I turned on Steve Wright in the afternoon and they were talking about a new report about unhealthy lunchboxes and semolina ! It made me smile and brought back memories of being on Lunch Duty as a teacher – I really could […]