Giving your toddler’s dummy the heave – ho !

  Dummies, bottles, teddy bears, soothers and cuddly toys, just like an old blanket, are really all about feeling a bit unsure in a busy world. My first piece of advice is to relax as children are so sensitive and are good at picking up your vibes. If you are relaxed then your child feels […]

Listen Again

I’ve been doing a lot of talking recently about Harper Beckham and her dummy. I wrote a blog post about it here. But I also thought I’d do a recap of all the shows I’ve been featured on if you’d like to listen again on iplayer. BBC Three Countries Radio BBC Surrey & Sussex Radio […]

Little Harper Beckham and that DUMMY ! The Importance of Comforters.

My advice is on the front page of The Daily Mail today and I’ve been interviewed on 10 BBC radio stations around the UK and am appearing on the ITV This Morning sofa tomorrow morning talking about little Harper Beckham having a dummy at the age of 4. Instead of focusing on the fantastically happy […]