The Sue Atkins Camcorder Technique

I’ve been coaching a lovely Mum who’s been finding her 13 year old daughter very challenging recently with her attitude and it got me thinking about the power of our emotions which can either create or break the connections of family harmony. As a parent you probably find, like me, that you sometimes compete and […]

How to Handle Anger More Positively With Your Kids.

Everyone gets angry with their kids at some time or another – it’s normal – it’s healthy. Kids know just what buttons to push and they push them! It helps to accept that anger is an honest emotion, but it’s what you choose to do with your anger that’s important. Don’t be afraid to let […]

The Sue Atkins Weekly Parent Coaching Question

  A parent tantrum We all do it …. throw a parent tantrum that just seems to erupt like a volcano out of nowhere. So what can you do this week to notice when you are getting wound up, stressed out and beginning to lose the plot? Take some time this week to ponder 3 […]

The Sue Atkins Wednesday Story To Ponder

    Hot Buttons Here’s your Wednesday story from my never-ending notebook and everlasting coloured pencil. Mole was driving along a motorway with his good friend, Badger. Mole was enjoying the drive and feeling good about the world until another car, driven by Rat, cut aggressively and dangerously in front of him. Mole was furious. He […]