Ways to help your child vent their rage. My advice in Gulf News.

Read my advice published today in Gulf News. “Chloe Andrews has been called in to see her son Oscar’s teacher three times this term already. The seven-year-old has started grabbing children in his class and hitting them on the arm. He has also punched a good friend. Although the behaviour is worse at school, Chloe […]

What to do when they say “I’m BORED!”

From smartphones to laptops and video games, today’s kids are constantly seeking entertainment. But is this good for them and what should you do to keep them engaged? I’m delighted to have my advice printed in Gulf News about how to help your kids handle boredom ! =>  http://gulfnews.com/life-style/general/mum-i-m-bored-1.1091100 Here’s an extract…. “It’s a family […]