‘There’s Nothing to Do!’

It’s the Summer hols and unless you are happy to dust off and dry clean your Butlin’s Red Coat ready to entertain the kids full time here are some simple ideas from Huffington Post Parents blog 🙂 Now that it’s summer, my 9-year-old son is constantly complaining that he’s bored. He will start camp soon, […]


  Today I am delighted to have Dan Freedman one of the UK’s leading football fiction writer as my guest blogger today. Dan worked at the top level of football for the last decade – writing for the FA, the Premier League and attending two World Cups – he combines his work in the game with […]

Happy Father’s Day: The Benefits of Dads to Children

Today I enjoyed reading Dr Robyn Silverman’s blog post about the importance of Dads in the lives of their children. Dr. Robyn Silverman is a child development specialist, body image expert, sought-after speaker and award-winning writer,  and she is known for her no-nonsense yet positive approach to helping young people and their families thrive. Her […]

10 Reasons Why Older Siblings Can Be Terrible Baby Sitters

Here’s something to ponder as you plan your well deserved night out! “It seems only natural for older siblings to be given the position of built-in babysitter. After all, they know the family rules and expectations better than any hired babysitter would. However, even though this may seem the ideal situation, it might not necessarily […]

The disappearance of childhood and what we can all do to get it back

  I love this heart felt blog by Jamie Martin “I  want my kids to have a childhood. A living, breathing, mud-between-toes, romping-in-woods, staring-at-the-sky childhood. A secure foundation setting the stage for a secure life. The gift of childhood. I allow my kids to slowly unwrap it each day within our home-school. But as I look […]

Is low self-esteem a good thing for a child ?

I am delighted to have my great friend Dr Rosina McAlpine from www.winwinparenting.com as my guest blogger today. Dr. Rosina McAlpine is an Associate Professor at the University of Sydney (see University of Sydney ) and has a Masters degree and a PhD in education. She is an award-winning educator having received 3 outstanding teaching awards – […]

19 Special Needs News Stories and Blog Posts from the past week

I enjoy exploring the world of Twitter and I discovered Among Friends which is a one stop portal into the world of people with special needs and the people who love them. You’ll hear from parents, siblings, volunteers, supporters, and even those with special needs themselves. Every Sunday, they select the week’s big special needs stories […]

HELP! My child is choking

        Today I am delighted to introduce you to the lovely Emma Hammett who I met when I was presenting the What’s On 4 Junior Awards at The Hilton Hotel in Cobham on Thursday. Emma was the First Aid for Life for the What’s On best antenatal/postnatal Award 2011. Every parent dreads their […]