Why it’s not OK to call me ‘love.’ How do we raise daughters that don’t accept that?

    A new piece of research has concluded that ‘Little Girls Start Believing Harmful Gender Stereotypes by Age 6’ Here’s a thought provoking article from Kate Horowitz in ‘Mental Floss’ Psychologists say little girls have about six years before they’re affected by harmful gender stereotypes about their intelligence. The researchers published their findings in […]

Raising Girls – My Advice in Woman’s Own

Today I’m delighted to say my advice on raising happy, confident girls is printed in Woman’s Own this week so rush out and grab your copy from your newsagent to see my tips and ideas  on page 38 🙂 http://www.facebook.com/womansownmagazine  

I’m excited as today I am interviewing Bear Grylls about his passion for getting kids OFF THE SOFA & OFF THE COMPUTER GAMES !

                                             Today I am excited as I am interviewing Bear Grylls about his passion for outdoor activities. With today’s kids glued to computer games, ipads, ipods and TV I thought it would be fascinating to discover more about Bear’s passion for teaching kids to build dens, make rope swings and have fun […]

10 tips for broaching the subject of periods with your daughter – from a Dad’s perspective

  Today I’m delighted to have Samantha Kelly from The Funky Goddess a website dedicated and passionate about making the transition into womanhood a positive experience for girls around the globe 🙂 Here’s today guest blog about broaching the subject of periods with your daughter – from a Dad’s perspective http://www.funkygoddess.ie/2012/03/top-ten-tips-for-dads-from-a-dads-perspective/ 1.. Early is better. If, for […]

Where has my little girl gone?

    As you know I have been interviewed many times on the TV and radio about the early sexualisation of girls and have written  about what I think about  padded bras for seven-year-olds, dolls dressed in high heels, and pole dancing kits for kids as I am the Mum to the very wonderful Molly – my […]

Books with positive messages for girls

  I have  had a query from a mum about books for girls that have positive, confident and empowering messages for girls  in them. Here is a list: http://astore.amazon.com/empowgirls-20?_encoding=UTF8&node=8 http://astore.amazon.com/empowgirls-20/detail/0345450213 I am delighted to introduce you to Wonderlicious  who believe  that every child is placed on this earth to accomplish something remarkable, something that only […]

Girls at risk of talking too much, scientists find…..!

Girls who talk to their friends at length about their problems could be making them worse, psychologists have warned. The scientists conducted a series of studies and found that girls hoped to feel more cared for, understood and less alone by talking things through. However, they said it could actually lead to depression and stress. […]