Here are 5 reasons why excessive gaming is BAD for your kids.

If I had a £1 for every parent who’s said to me, ‘I don’t know how to get them off their games Sue – it’s just so hard.’ I’d be a rich woman! I’m being interviewed on BBC Radio Essex tomorrow speaking to a mum whose two kids love to game and spend hours doing it […]

Is this really a good idea for your child’s party?

I was chatting to the lovely Receptionist at my Doctor’s today and she told me about a new craze for children’s birthday parties – Gaming Mobile Parties ???? Her Grandson went to one last weekend where the kids simply play computer games. The party people boasted ‘ Onboard the gaming van is all the latest gaming […]

Have your kids run up a huge bill on your ipad?

I have to say I’m glad to see that the makers of “free” web and app-based games have been warned by the Office of Fair Trading of “potentially unfair and aggressive commercial practices” that could target “susceptible” children to pay to continue playing. It follows cases where children have run up bills of thousands of pounds without […]

Get your kids focused on a positive challenge to avoid negative behaviour.

I am delighted to have connected with Seamus Lusk on Twitter as Impetus Engagement and here is a response to an article I wrote about Saying “NO” to your children with confidence.   “Sue Atkins helps many parents understand the intricacies of handling children.  Her useful advice eases issues parents can encounter.  On her website, […]