Relieving Prom Pressure!

  The concept of prom originated in the Victorian era when young people would get dressed up and “promenade” in their finest clothing in front of their friends and peers. Through the years, promenade was abbreviated to “prom” and thus, the big deal began. Young people, feel the need to be accepted by a group […]

If you’re slim you’ll be successful and win X Factor in one fell swoop – or marry a footballer

Following on from my being on Sky News discussing airbrushing and the power of media images The danger of airbrushing. Start talking to your kids before the beauty industry does ! Here are my comments about eating disorders, bullying and fashion in “Is fashion more ‘killer meals’ than ‘killer heels’, Joanna Lowy asks, following […]

Is your child a fashion diva ?

I  was recently interviewed by Littlewoods about the pressure families find themselves in to buy the ‘latest’ fashion item for their children.  I believe kids get their values from you as you are their first role model – so how to talk about clothes, hairstyles and brands influences how your child talks and thinks about […]