Talk With Them, Not At Them

I’ve been writing some new articles for an online magazine in the States this week and one simple idea to engage, connect and stay bonded with your kids is to……. Talk With Them, Not At Them.  Many parents I work with make the mistake of talking at their kids instead of with them  – one […]

Turn Off The Tech & Make A Date With Dinner !

I’ve had a busy day chatting to various radio stations around the UK about the new survey conducted by Harvester Restaurants that ONLY 30% of UK families eat dinner together every night ? Do you find the time to eat together ? If you are struggling to find a regular time to sit down and […]

Topic of the month – Family Talk Time

As a Parent Coach and mum of two grown up children I am often  shocked, distressed and searching for ways to help our society move towards a better future where children can grow up safe, well balanced and with a purpose in life. Free from despair, anger, drugs and hopelessness. I am not a politician and it […]