10 Great Reasons Children Should Exercise – Checklist.

I’m off to appear in my friend Action Amanda’s video talking about the importance of getting children active through dancing tomorrow. It’s an important subject, as the obesity epidemic among children aged between 6-19 has almost quadrupled from what it was in the late 1960s. From the ‘cotton wool kids generation’ of children not being […]

Today’s four-year-olds often ‘not physically ready’ for school !

As a former Deputy Head and Reception Class Teacher I was horrified to read today that four-year-olds are often ‘not physically ready’ for school due to competitive  parenting, iPads and screens all contributing to a decrease in a young child’s mobility that can impact on their academic learning. This follows on from a client of mine with […]

Well, thank God maths isn’t taught like that in schools.

Today I’m delighted to have Kate Long the author of “ Before She Was Mine”  which  is available on Amazon as my guest blogger today. Kate is discussing the importance of exercise. “Imagine you’re back at school, and on your way to a maths lesson. Although you appreciate maths is a vitally important life skill, it […]

What’s Skittles, Santa and Salad Got In Common?

  “There’s a lot of sitting around eating and watching TV over the Christmas period, so family and fitness experts provide ideas on how to keep the whole family active and entertained while the telly’s switched off. Thoughts of Christmas don’t exactly conjure up images of exercising, watching what you eat and looking after the […]

Fat Britain: Tackling the obesity epidemic – what’s the solution?

I am speaking on LBC Radio tomorrow at 9.10 am on obesity in children in the UK. We are discussing this article and report in The Daily Mail Obesity rates in Britain are soaring with nearly a quarter of adults now classed as clinically obese. Despite Government warnings that we are turning into a nation […]

Get a wriggle on

We all know that exercise is good for us, but new guidelines from the Chief Medical Officer say that this shouldn’t be limited to trips to the gym or jogging to work. Instead we should be thinking about encouraging physical activity from a really young age – before a child is five. The new guidelines […]