Handling Disappointing Exam Results Positively

The envelope gently lands on the doormat with more of a flutter than a heavy thud, but the contents have the potential to help your child’s dreams come true… or shatter them into a million tiny pieces …… for now. But it’s about mindset, getting back up, and looking for the positive ways forward if […]

Using Facebook could help boost exam grades

I was surprised to read that students’ use of social networks like Facebook could help boost their exam grades, according to new research that I read about in The Telegraph today. I work with lots of parents (and teachers)  who disapprove but it looks like time on Facebook may help rather than hinder students’ performance. […]

The Sue Atkins Weekly Coaching Question

  Going the extra mile  When we have done our best , we can await the results in peace.” ~Unknown I don’t know who said this, but I do know that they were right on target. My kids are both studying for their exams at the moment and I have helped them set some studying […]