Success Starts at Home: A Parent’s Guide to Nurturing Success in School and Beyond

Headteachers in England tell of worsening behaviour of pupils – & parents! School leaders describe culture of non-compliance since lockdowns, with pupils wandering corridors but skipping lessons I know I’m speaking to the converted but as a former Deputy Headteacher I thought I’d weigh in! Teaching kids to behave in school is crucial because it […]

Let Our Kids Be Kids

On Tuesday 3rd May tens of thousands of parents are going to keep their kids at home and do fun educational activities to make the Government aware of how children are being robbed of the joy of childhood & their right to play. I can only say that I am so glad I left teaching […]

Dear Teacher.

  Here’s a beautifully heartfelt letter I discovered on Mamapedia as kids return to school this week. Dear Teacher, Today I relinquish my precious children into your care. Do you know how important you are to me? To them? From this day forward, you are a valuable force in what defines them. You will encourage […]

Too much – too soon? Should we delay starting school until 7 ?

  As a former Deputy Head and Class Teacher I read with interest today’s article in The Telegraph about a campaign to delay the start of formal education until the age of seven which is backed by the former Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams. While I can see that we have gone too far along […]

How To Handle Disappointing Exam Results Positively

Today we don’t have to wait for the envelope gently landing on the doormat with more of a flutter than a heavy thud, but the contents have the potential to help your child’s dreams come true… or shatter them into a million tiny pieces …… for now. Today my daughter looked up her results on […]

Are you joining me at The Sunday Times Education Festival?

I’m delighted and thrilled to be a speaker at The Sunday Times Educational  Festival  next Saturday. I’ll be speaking about One Page Profiles in education and in families. I’ve recently been interviewed by The Sunday Times so click on the link to read what I think about class sizes 🙂 This Festival really is the […]

Read my interview in The Sunday Times

I’m delighted to have been interviewed for The Sunday Times today as I’m speaking on One Page Profiles at The Sunday Times Education Festival on 22nd June. Here’s the link to read what I have to say about class sizes in schools ! What we’d change now.

Why your child NEEDS to make a mud pie !

“A chain of happy children trail each other joyfully around the garden dodging in and out of wigwams, wooden structures and plants. Others work intently, like a team of chefs, making an imaginary cake out of shaving foam, mud, leaves and whatever else they can find in the garden of the Limelight Family Learning Centre […]

Changes to Childcare – what it means to you!

There are big changes coming in childcare and my great friend Laura Henry is an early years expert. Here is her recent blog to help you understand what the changes may mean to your family. Dear Parents I am a parent of two boys and an early years specialist and have worked within the early years […]

Why Parenting Is More Important Than Schools

As a former Deputy Head and Class Teacher for over 20 years I read with interest this article by Annie Murphy Paul in TIME IDEAS about the importance of parenting ! “Given all the roiling debates about how America’s children should be taught, it  may come as a surprise to learn that students spend less  […]