Why The Simple Act Of Eating Together Is Important

I am a real advocate of families sitting down and eating together as it creates a bond, a connection and makes life fun. Kids can chat about their day, their worries or just spend time with you, and you can share your life with them in a easy and natural way simply through sitting down […]

Boys as young as 10 are at risk of eating disorders!

Up to one in ten teenage girls has an eating  disorder, medical experts have warned and increasing numbers of boys are also at  risk, some of them as young as ten, a major study has found. Experts said that with the young under  increasing pressure to ‘be perfect and look perfect’, the problem is now […]


  “Children who drink at younger ages are the ones who need help most. We also know that children whose parents misuse alcohol are more likely to develop their own problems later in life” ~Simon Antrobus, chief executive of drug and alcohol rehabilitation charity Addaction I am being interviewed today on LBC Radio http://www.lbc.co.uk/  about […]

Worried about Eating Disorders?

      As a Mum to a 16 year old daughter  I have often kept an eye on my daughter’s attitude to food. I hope that I have modelled a positive body image to her myself in the way I talk about my body, eat, exercise and feel around food and I think she’s really […]