My 3 year old son has become obsessed with ‘Bad Guys.’ Should I be worried?

My 3 year old son has become obsessed with ‘Bad Guys.’ Should I be worried? Rosie Dutton Boys and Baddies!  It’s common for young children to show interest in “bad guys” as part of imaginative play. Children often explore concepts of good and bad through imaginative play & it’s typical for them to be fascinated […]

Childminders: Where Love and Learning Find a Home!

Childminding numbers “are absolutely falling off a cliff” In just one year, between March 2022 and 2023, registered childminders in England fell by 3,500 (11%) – meaning a loss of more than 20,000 childcare places, data from Ofsted shows. This leaves working parents with a real lack of choice. Childminders are like “micro-nurseries” who have […]

Defining the Outdoor Classroom & Why it’s Important, Fun & Educational.

First Discoverers and Wesco are delighted to announce the launch of their new free childcare ebook, ‘Defining The Outdoor Classroom’. The latest in a succession of highly popular ebooks, this amazing resource is a comprehensive guide to every aspect of outdoor learning and play in Early Years. The ebook covers everything from risky play to […]

We’re not exactly born knowing how to be good parents.

Today I’m delighted to introduce you to Molly Skyar and Dr. Rutherford. I have really enjoyed reading their really informative, yet easy to read book Shaping a Secure Start: Parenting Your Child During the First 18 Months and found it really enlightening. Here is Molly’s story. “When my son was fifteen months old, my husband and […]

Too much – too soon? Should we delay starting school until 7 ?

  As a former Deputy Head and Class Teacher I read with interest today’s article in The Telegraph about a campaign to delay the start of formal education until the age of seven which is backed by the former Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams. While I can see that we have gone too far along […]

Did you know it’s National Play Day

I’ve just spent a morning talking on lots of radio stations around the UK about the importance of play as it’s National Play Day. A survey carried out by Zapf Creations UK  the makers of Baby Annabell and Baby Born discovered that 1 in 10 parents only play with their kids for 2 hours a […]

Why your child NEEDS to make a mud pie !

“A chain of happy children trail each other joyfully around the garden dodging in and out of wigwams, wooden structures and plants. Others work intently, like a team of chefs, making an imaginary cake out of shaving foam, mud, leaves and whatever else they can find in the garden of the Limelight Family Learning Centre […]

Changes to Childcare – what it means to you!

There are big changes coming in childcare and my great friend Laura Henry is an early years expert. Here is her recent blog to help you understand what the changes may mean to your family. Dear Parents I am a parent of two boys and an early years specialist and have worked within the early years […]

Me do it! Me do it!

  Today I am delighted to have as my guest blogger: Laura Henry, Managing Director of Childcare Consultancy. Laura has worked in early years/education for over 25 years and has two teenage sons and we are meeting up to  talk about children, childcare and all things parenting today in Bletchingley over cupcakes and coffee ! For […]