The Dangers of Taking Sodium Valproate For Your Epilepsy During Pregnancy.

In a special edition of Inside Out London, Tarah Welsh investigated the shocking truth behind an anti-epilepsy drug which has harmed thousands of children. She uncovers new medical evidence suggesting that birth defects caused by the drug could be passed down through generations of the same family. I am an Ambassador of the Charity FACSA […]

Parenting Special Needs Magazine FREE Subscription

Parenting Special Needs Magazine FREE Subscription. Click on cover to register this excellent magazine helps parents navigate the uncharted waters of raising a special needs child. It provides practical tips, shares life’s lessons, tackles the challenges and celebrates the joys of one of life’s greatest gifts. Covering all ages and stages of guiding children/Individuals […]

Attempting to open doors for people with hidden voices.

Today I have a personal 1-2-1 Confidence Class in my practice at home with a lovely boy who has been diagnosed as having Semantic Pragmatic Disorder. For those of you unfamiliar with it here’s a personal account from the helpful website Hi2u that offers a range of helpful advice , information and articles on ADHD, Autism, Asperger’s […]

Understanding Dyspraxia

     Do you know any children with Dyspraxia? Chances are you do. Current statistics predict that each primary class has a child with the condition. As a former deputy Head teacher I taught many children with Dyspraxia and today I am delighted to introduce  Phoebe Doyle a feature writer and editor of Tremendously2  where […]