With the children out of the house, women in unhappy marriages often look at each other and think, ‘I may have another 25 to 35 years to live. Do I want to spend it with this person?’

As regular readers of my blog know,  I am going through a divorce whilst also re – adjusting to an empty nest as my youngest daughter has recently left for University in Manchester. For the new generation of empty-nesters apparently divorce is increasingly common. Among people ages 50 and older, the divorce rate has doubled […]

Divorcing In Your 50s: What It’s Really Like – Life from another Perspective.

I find myself  experiencing another of Life’s challenges – divorce in my  50’s. It was not something I planned or have enjoyed. In fact I have found it enormously challenging to accept that my ducks did not line up in the way I thought they would,  and I have experienced enormous disappointment, anger, frustration and grief […]