Is it a good idea to announce your divorce on social media?

  Is it a good idea to announce your divorce on social media? Whether your surfing Instagram, hovering over Face Book or agonising over your chosen hashtag on Twitter, social media is here to stay, but is it a good idea to announce your impending divorce on all these platforms? I work with many parents […]

When Homelife Changes – Finding a New Path After Divorce

  Yasmin Patel’s One Page Profile   I’ve used one-page profiles in my work for many years and with my own family and can’t rave enough about their usefulness for improving communication, relationships, a child’s self esteem and self confidence More recently I have been using one-page profiles to help children and families going through […]

How To Introduce Your New Partner To Your Kids Without Damaging Them Forever.

  To help you navigate the journey through Divorce, if that is what you have decided is best for your family,  I’ve recently launched a new series of free Divorce videos called -> Divorce Step by Step. Divorce Step By Step has been set up specifically to help you address the range of issues and matters […]

My Mum got an orange – so what do you think of Want,Need, Wear, Read?

Christmas is just round the corner and it got me pondering about what to buy my kids who are 23 and 21 – the days of copious wrapping and making Father Christmas footprints in the talcum powder are long gone ???? Do you join in the frenzy of Black Friday and buy lots of things […]

Getting good advice about your divorce. Let’s talk legal.

I’ve started filming a comprehensive series of Divorce videos called ‘Divorce – Step By Step’ where I will cover your emotional  wellbeing informing you of your legal choices and financial options, supporting and helping you with my ideas for positive co- parenting & I will also be looking at the wider issues like losing some […]

A happy divorce: Why breaking up needn’t be so hard to do.

As you may know I have a Coaching Programme called “Successful Separation.” I am keen to spread the word to parents going through divorce, separation or break – up about Collaborative Law as a more child centred way to handle this very challenging experience and time of chnage. So here is an article in The […]