Is David Cameron right to praise the ‘tiger mother’?

  I’m speaking on LBC radio at 10 am today discussing a new push from the Government around helping families to raise happy, confident, resilient children. I’m always saying that ‘kids don’t come with a handbook’ and one of the most frustrating things about my work with parents is that they seem to think it’s […]

Join me on LBC Radio discussing how your kids will be worse off than you !

I was on LBC Radio today discussing the fact that today’s middle-class children are on track to be the first in more than a century to be materially less well off in adulthood than their parents, a government commission is expected to warn this week. Leaked findings reveal the existence of a national trend not […]

David Cameron: my children can use Facebook, but only if I can monitor them

I’m glad to see David Cameron is taking Facebook seriously, particularly as a mum of two “Screenagers” ! Mr Cameron said that watching his young children take their first steps into the digital world was one of the factors which prompted him to take action on access to porn on the internet. But he said […]

Is it a good idea to snoop on your child’s texts and social media messages?

Parents should snoop on their child’s texts and social media messages, David Cameron’s new advisor on childhood has claimed – but what do YOU think ? How do you monitor your child’s social media activity and keep an eye on what they’re saying, and who they are saying it to, and what they are posting […]

No U-turn on child benefit, David Cameron says – your thoughts ?

David Cameron has said there will be no turning back on the decision to remove child benefit from better-off families. Speaking a day before the coalition publishes a review of its progress since 2010, the prime minister told the Sunday Telegraph the government had taken some “difficult” choices. What are your thoughts – how will […]

Why I think parenting classes are a good idea.

  I have the most wonderful Virtual Assistant who sorts out all my technical stuff and today she wrote a wonderful blog that I’d like to share with you. Here’s Kelly’s heart felt blog. “Ok, a little different to what I normally blog about but hell, it’s something that I feel strongly about so felt […]

Just WHY are kids in the UK SO UNHAPPY ……….. AGAIN ?

Four years ago I read the UNICEF report on why children in the UK were so unhappy, so un-cherished and so un -nurtured. I was so incensed by the Report  the last time, that  I stayed up until 2.30 am  to record a video called “A Nation Of Bad Parents”  trying to be part of […]

Child sexualisation complaints website to be set up.

    Here’s what’s happening in the news… a campaign I feel strongly about and welcome ….what are YOUR thoughts? “Parents will be able to highlight examples of child sexualisation on a new website, the prime minister has said. The measure is among the proposals in a review on the commercialisation and sexualisation of children, […]

Sue on her soapbox !

Yesterday I was angered and indignant about the new survey highlighting the disgraceful state of children’s ability to read independently throughout London. Today I really agree with the new inquiry into the sexualisation of children. Growing up really is more complicated than it was in earlier generations as there are so many other influences on […]

Topic of The Month. Bereavement – The Loss Of A Child

 I was driving home from taking my friend Nicky for her brain scan at St. George’s Hospital in Tooting as she had a “funny” turn last October where she fainted or had a “mini fit” and I started listening to Jeremy Vine’s Radio 2 Show where they were discussing bereavement and Gordon Brown speaking for […]