Why it’s not OK to call me ‘love.’ How do we raise daughters that don’t accept that?

    A new piece of research has concluded that ‘Little Girls Start Believing Harmful Gender Stereotypes by Age 6’ Here’s a thought provoking article from Kate Horowitz in ‘Mental Floss’ Psychologists say little girls have about six years before they’re affected by harmful gender stereotypes about their intelligence. The researchers published their findings in […]

My Story of Being A Mum – what’s yours?

The first time I sat down to write my Story of Mum I was raw in grief about the door banging behind my beautiful 19 year old daughter Molly as she as she packed her cheetah print Converse, Mac Makeup and Primark Pyjamas and left home, jumping excitedly and nervously into her father’s car – […]

My posthumous advice for my daughter

My daughter sent me this as she embarks on the next phase of her life off at Manchester Metropolitan University. As I prepare to write her “Good Luck” card and am pondering what advice to give her – here is Caitlin Moran’s advice for her daughter……. What’s yours? My posthumous advice for my daughter WRITTEN BY Caitlin […]

What messages are you teaching YOUR daughter ?

As women we are very hard on ourselves – but what impact does that have on our daughters and sons? What do we pass on and what are we teaching them? Women are their own worst beauty critics. Only 4% of women around the world consider themselves beautiful. I’d like to see a world where […]

THIS is what you say when your daughter says she is fat

How do you handle it when your daughter suddenly says “I’m fat?” Here’s one Mum’s approach – what’s yours? http://www.ivillage.com.au/%E2%80%9Cmom-i%E2%80%99m-fat%E2%80%9D-one-mother%E2%80%99s-inspired-response-her-7-year-old/154381