Small Change. BIG Difference. How To Stop Bullying.

Small change. Big difference. Whether it is verbal, physical, online or in-person, bullying has a significant impact on a child’s life well in to adulthood. I should know as I was bullied when I moved to my Secondary School and had alopecia due to the stress and anxiety. I also thought it was my fault. […]

You should be pre-vetting every app that your children download.

You should be pre-vetting every app that your children download. When Andrew Fuller sat down last year to counsel a group of teenage boys who had taken a photo of a girl they knew, photoshopped her head onto the body of a naked porn star, and shared it around social media, they had no idea […]

69% of Children Suffer Bullying at School

“My son came to dread school because he was being bullied. He was terribly unhappy and frightened. We didn’t know what to do to help him…” Sound familiar? Thousands of children and parents are going through the pain and anguish caused by bullying right now. You may not even know that your child is being […]

Stranger Danger 21st Century Style – Keeping Your Safe.

The days of not talking to strangers and not accepting sweets from them have long gone, as your child can make friends with people from around the global community in an instant. But how do you know who they are talking to and how do you monitor and keep a watchful eye on their activity? […]