Toddlers, Sleep and A Sense of Humour !

Sleep Almost all babies have erratic sleep patterns to begin with, which most parents expect, and just when you thought you’d got them into some sort of rhythm and pattern…. things change! It’s very common for toddlers to start waking up in the night when they had previously slept through, or to have difficulty in […]

Should I let my baby cry itself to sleep?

  I receive many questions for my The Sue Atkins Parenting Show Podcast about babies & sleep: Is letting your baby cry itself to sleep at night cruel and unnatural or no big deal? What is best for your baby: crying itself to sleep, controlled crying or being soothed on demand? I find almost nothing […]

Tips For Clingy Toddlers, Separation Anxiety & Nervous Kids.

              How many of us have left a inconsolable child in childcare or school and gone on our way with a sick heart, wondering if we’ve done the right thing? I’ve been answering toddler questions for a regular feature that I write for an In -house magazine in the […]

Never let your baby ‘Cry It Out’

I’ve never understood the advice to let a baby ‘Cry It Out ‘ as a baby is not trying to test you, manipulate you or wind you up. They are trying to tell you something. A baby will soon learn not to trust the world to nurture their very primal needs and that can only […]