July 19th – Why It’s Important To Not Fixate On A Date

  Britain’s ‘freedom day’ will come on July 19, says the government but like anything important, like going through a divorce, bereavement or a redundancy – it’s usually a process not an event. When we experience change, we move from what we’ve known and done to a period of transition as we adapt & begin to […]

The ‘Next Normal’

  How many times a day do you come across references to finding the ‘New Normal? ‘ Whether it’s kids going back to school, your work environment, going out to restaurants or going back to the gym. The phrase is still being tossed around because none of us are really certain about what our ‘New […]

Under-5 Learning: Your Toughest Qs Answered!

  I recently did a Webinar for ‘Which School Advisor‘ with my friend and colleague Laura Henry-Allain creator of the Cbeebies hit series for children JoJo and Gran Gran. Laura has been an early years trainer and consultant for many years. Which School Advisor said, ‘We hear you loud and clear! Online, at home learning […]

The Great Realisation

? A bed time story of how it started, and why hindsight’s 2020. ? ? #stayhome #withme

Coronavirus infection and pregnancy.

I am doing an Instagram Live on Saturday 25th April  at 3pm with Bloom Classes. Join us for an Instagram live by following  @bloomclasses this Saturday at 3pm with me @sueatkins18 Being a new parent is difficult enough add in a lockdown and the result is a staggering hundreds of thousands of new parents feeling […]