The Best Time To Talk Is Now.

  Whenever I begin the process of coaching parents, a mum, or a dad, or a family, they almost always say something like this after the first meeting ‘I/we should have started this conversation years ago. I/we have known ‘this’ was a problem for a long time and suppose I/we somehow believed that it would […]

The Sue Atkins Parent Question.

Every Monday I post a Parent Coaching Question for you to ponder. Save it on your phone to look at each morning to get you thinking, or pop it up on the fridge in the kitchen to pause to ponder throughout the week. No beating yourself up now ! Just the act of Kaizen – […]

As Schools Re – Open – Here’s the Best Gift You Can Give Your Children

As some schools reopen to more children today you maybe worried & concerned about how your children are coping & adapting to the changes brought about because of the virus. As a former Deputy Head and Class Teacher for over 22 years it’s a time of uncharted waters for us all – parents, teachers & […]