The modern cult of child worship.

I was recently speaking on BBC Radio Warwickshire talking about the cult of child worship, where children become the absolute centre of their parents world in an unbalanced way, compared to past generations. From the moment babies are born – in fact, from the minute some Mums become pregnant – they obsess about every single detail of their […]

Reducing YOUR anxiety can only be good for your kids.

  We live in a world awash with parenting advice from TV celebrities, gurus, authors to books, blogs, & parenting websites offering vast amounts of advice on how to raise kids, and the messages are sometimes contradictory and confusing. The “shoulds” and “ought to’s stream to you in so many digital forms. All parents want to […]

Are YOUR children being raised in ‘captivity’ due to health and safety paranoia?

Are your kids out in the snow throwing snowballs, climbing trees and having fun – or are they stuck inside on their iPad and watching hours of TV? Prof Tanya Byron said that children’s natural development was being stunted after being refused the chance to play outside, banned from throwing snowballs and prevented from walking […]

Cotton wool kids – so what’s making YOU paranoid?

I was on BBC Radio Surrey today discussing cotton wool kids – children who are over protected Listen here to Danny Pike Here’s a blog I wrote awhile ago to help you get clear about your own ways of protecting your kids. Well, I don’t know about you but I loved riding my bike […]