How You (As A Caring Employer) Can Help Employees Through Divorce and Separation

I was delighted to have been invited to the House of Commons recently to the launch of the Parents Promise  a new HR initiative to support parents going through divorce or separation. Businesses including Asda, Tesco, Metro Bank, PwC and Unilever have partnered with the Positive Parenting Alliance (PPA) to promote more family-friendly policies for […]

Putting Your Children First in Divorce

Putting your children first I’ve been recently working with a couple who are divorcing and we were looking at how to handle the new roles that both these parents now  face whilst going through the transition. One area I discussed with them was accepting that their ex has a continued role to play in their […]

Simple Tips for Coping with Separation and Divorce.

  I always tell my clients that divorce is a process not an event and that it is OK to feel that you are wading through treacle some days and feeling more empowered and hopeful in others.   It often feels like you take three steps forward and then one step back as getting used to […]

Focusing on strengthening families and encouraging responsibility

I work with many parents going through separation, divorce or break up as I have a Coaching Programme called “Successful Separation” and recently I have been talking to Collaborative Lawyers about how they can often lessen the stress associated with this  very painful process. I believe that “Divorce is a process – not an event” […]

10 Tips for Moving Forward After Divorce

1. Stop dwelling on the all the wrongs – who did what, who’s to blame and what you wish you had done differently. 2. Express & release your feelings, but don’t drown in them – give yourself a ten minute time limit – and make that a habit. 3. Forgive yourself for all the mistakes you […]

Why it’s important not to put children in the middle of your divorce.

Here’s some of my media coverage this week. As divorce becomes more and more frequent we ask just how much of an effect it can have on our children. Some research last week claimed that whilst children of divorced parents are more likely to become binge drinkers as adults, it’s not the actual divorce, but […]