I’m excited as today I am interviewing Bear Grylls about his passion for getting kids OFF THE SOFA & OFF THE COMPUTER GAMES !

                                             Today I am excited as I am interviewing Bear Grylls about his passion for outdoor activities. With today’s kids glued to computer games, ipads, ipods and TV I thought it would be fascinating to discover more about Bear’s passion for teaching kids to build dens, make rope swings and have fun […]

High-tech bad parenting? Giving your kids a tablet.

    Better living (or parenting) through technology? That is the question posed by Nielsen in a recent study looking at the use of tablets in families with children. The firm finds that in households owning a tablet computer and with children under 12, 70% of children use the tablet. What these parents are letting […]

Do computers solve education problems?

The New York Times has been running articles examining the effectiveness of what people call e-learning in US schools. In a nutshell, they have found little or no evidence that it boosts students’ grades, despite a widespread belief by schools that it does. Schools it appears invest in expensive digital learning aids in the hope that […]

Cyber Bullying – The 21st Century Curse

  In keeping with this week’s theme for Anti – Bullying Week. Here is my article on Cyber Bullying to give you some ideas to keep your children safe online in this new world of instant technology. Cyber bullying 1.2 billion instant messages were sent over the AOL network alone on September 11th 2001 This […]

Should Preteens Be On Facebook?

Should Preteens Be On Facebook?? a guest post by Matt Morgan Facebook, the social network that was created as a collegiate exclusive site, has become widely used by teens and preteens. The site requires users to be 13 years of age or older, but the policy is difficult to uphold and enforce. Research by Consumer […]

Are You Buying Toys That Stunt Your Child’s Brain?

Here’s a thought provoking article from The Huffington Post “If you are living a fast-paced and busy life, the downtime you get from a seemingly innocuous “device” that passively entertains your kid, is probably a welcome respite. However, Gameboys, computers, cell phones and the plethora of over-stimulating toys should not be your babysitter. I am […]

Bringing up kids in a porn culture

I am speaking on BBC Radio Leeds later today at 12.20 about the impact violent and sexual images and films have on children – here is just an excerpt from my new book “Parenting Made Easy” that will be out next April 2012 on: Bringing up kids in a porn culture I watched Nicole Scherzinger […]

Good Parenting? There’s No App For That…. or is there ?

  There will always be a technology and culture divide between parents and children. But with a little extra effort, perhaps it doesn’t always have to be so wide. Here’s an interesting article from Mashable  exploring  Raising the Digital Generation. “Who are your kids friending on Facebook? What are they really texting to their classmates? How much […]

Is your child a hopeless “screen-ager?”

Children today are growing up with computers, Gameboys, Play Stations. X boxes and Wii’s, iPods, iPhones, iPads. They are the generation of screenagers. But what does this mean to your child’s development? Well, it means that your child will be: • Strongly visual and think in pictures • Literal as opposed to abstract in their […]

A – Z of teen text slang , do you know any of them?

Here is an excellent article from Sue Scheff who is an Author and Parent Advocate. She founded Parents’ Universal Resource Experts in 2001. P.U.R.E. is an organization that helps parents with struggling teens. Learn more at www.suescheff.com and email Sue at [email protected] Learning the teen language is only the beginning of parenting teenagers today. Do you […]

The Addictive Nature of Apples and Blackberries …. !

    My phone got sand in it on holiday in South Africa a couple of weeks ago and my daughter said I could use her old Blackberry which made me sit up, as I have for a long time wanted to be able to Tweet on my phone, get my emails and feel that […]