Successful Separation – Always Putting The Children First.

I work with many parents going through separation, divorce or troubled times as I run a 6 week Coaching  Programme: 1-2-1 Divorce Support for Families Going Through Family Conflict, Separation or Break Up One of the areas I help parents explore first  is the very important area of Communication. The way parents exchanged information, shared […]

The Sue Atkins Wednesday Story. The Talking Cat

  Here’s my weekly story from my never ending notebook and my everlasting coloured pencil to ponder this week. The Talking Cat There was this lady, and one day she got the idea that her cat was trying to communicate with her. For weeks and months she tries to get what the cat is trying […]

5 top tips for using one-page profiles in divorce.

I am delighted to have been published today as part of 100 stories spreading the word about the very  powerful One Page Profile process and how they can be used to transform lives from birth to the end of life. Follow the individual journeys of people who use services, families, and staff, across education, health and social care.  […]

So Sue – what exactly do you do?

I was recently asked what NLP stands for as I am Master Practitioner and Trainer. NLP is described as the study of human excellence and demonstrates how to communicate effectively and influence others. It was developed in the1970s by a group of psychologists who were studying successful people in order to analyse successful behaviour. Since […]

Where you argue and what it says about your relationship

Today I’m delighted to have Andrew G Marshall an author and marital therapist as my guest blogger. Andrew G. Marshall is a marital therapist with almost thirty years experience. He trained with RELATE the UK’s leading couple-counselling charity, but has developed his own method which blends psycho-dynamic (which looks at your past and how it […]

Babies arrive already connected.

“Babies arrive already connected to other people. That’s what a range of sciences is now telling us: that they have brains already tuned in to other people’s body rhythms and vocal tones and movements.  It makes them much more communicative and sophisticated than we often realise. In fact, it turns out that their very brain […]

Talking Tots ~ Top Tips to Get Your Baby Talking !

  It is my great pleasure to have  Lisa Houghton and Tracey Park  who were paediatric speech and language therapists  as my guest bloggers today. They created Talking Tots  which is based on the simple idea that children who can communicate clearly and confidently have a huge head start when it comes to learning, making friends and […]

My new campaign to get families eating, talking and laughing together!

     I am a real advocate of families eating together as it’s a really simple way to catch up on everyone’s day, everyone’s news , it’s a place to air your grumbles, your niggles , your worries or your celebrations. So commit to  perhaps just sitting down once a week and build traditions and memories that last a […]