Why Breaking Up Needn’t Be So Hard To Do.

I have a Divorce  Coaching Programme   that is designed to support you through the difficult time of separation and divorce that gives you clarity, direction and confidence. Conflict damages everyone – particularly your children. Here is an article in The Daily Mail about handling divorce through the Collaborative Process. After being told by her husband […]

A happy divorce: Why breaking up needn’t be so hard to do.

As you may know I have a Coaching Programme called “Successful Separation.” I am keen to spread the word to parents going through divorce, separation or break – up about Collaborative Law as a more child centred way to handle this very challenging experience and time of chnage. So here is an article in The […]

What is Family Mediation?

I do a great deal of work with Collaborative Lawyers and Mediating Lawyers, as I believe putting your children at the heart of the divorce process is the best way to separate, regardless of  what’s happened to you, or your own emotions and feelings towards your ex. That’s why I am passionate about my One […]

Abandonment & why some friends don’t want to take sides.

Going through a divorce is painful and brings with it soooo many upheavals from the heart wrenching process of separation, the legal complexities, moving out of your family home bursting with memories , financial burdens, childcare issues, social changes, and the list goes on. The bottom line is that divorce is an emotional experience that […]

New mediation laws to help separating couples.

I’m pleased to see that separating couples will be legally required to find out about ways to settle disputes away from the courtroom, under new laws currently going through Parliament. New figures show that 124,420 couples filed for divorce in 2012 but instead of potentially long and costly court hearings couples opted for mediation – […]

Divorce, Break Up and Separation – How are YOU handling it?

This week I’m giving a talk to a group of Family Mediation and Collaborative Lawyers in London as they want to find out more about my “Separation – Putting your Children First” Coaching Programme for parents and children.  I am very interested in how Mediation and Collaborative Law can ease the stress of divorce, break up, […]