My Mum got an orange – so what do you think of Want,Need, Wear, Read?

Christmas is just round the corner and it got me pondering about what to buy my kids who are 23 and 21 – the days of copious wrapping and making Father Christmas footprints in the talcum powder are long gone ???? Do you join in the frenzy of Black Friday and buy lots of things […]

Tense Time Over The Turkey & Tinsel?

I’ve been working with a lovely family who always row over the Christmas period as they find being cooped up over a long festive period brings out the worst in them despite all their very best intentions around the festive season ! I showed them how use my 5 Step Self Esteem Solution to help each […]

Life after Divorce.

As the clock slowly ticks towards a New Year and I look back at the last 12 months, & the last 21 years of my family memories – of bringing up my two wonderful children, fondly reminiscing about wrapping presents in front of the electric fire and putting talcum powder down as snow from Father […]

New Year ~ New You ? My tips to being the parent you want to be in 2013

As the clock ticked down the old year and we all awaited the arrival of a brand new one, I begun to wonder what all the people around me truly wished for deep down in that very quiet place where dreams, hopes and wishes really live. You know the place where we don’t always reveal […]

Happy Families Online

Christmas shopping and shopping generally with toddlers is given a bad press! With a little bit of planning and some common sense there are many practical ways to take the stress, frustration and tension out of buying your father-in-law his annual socks and festive tie! Here’s my advice on Happy Families Online

What’s Skittles, Santa and Salad Got In Common?

  “There’s a lot of sitting around eating and watching TV over the Christmas period, so family and fitness experts provide ideas on how to keep the whole family active and entertained while the telly’s switched off. Thoughts of Christmas don’t exactly conjure up images of exercising, watching what you eat and looking after the […]