5 Top Tips for Going Back to Work After Maternity Leave GUILT FREE!

    Going back to work after maternity leave is a time of mixed emotions for many mothers – for some it’s a worry, for some, it’s exciting. For some Mums it’s a mixture of both. Among the many worries I get regularly asked is: What if my child doesn’t settle in childcare? What if […]

UK childcare is the most expensive in the WORLD!

  I’m discussing the extraordinary new survey that UK childcare is the most expensive in the world & that families now spend a third of their income on nurseries and childminders http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3831626/UK-childcare-expensive-world-Families-spend-income-nurseries-childminders.html Choosing whether to be your child’s full-time caregiver can be a complicated emotional and financial decision. But before you weigh the pros and […]

An Interview with Sue Atkins – Childcare Conversations

I was delighted to have been interviewed recently about childcare. Here is the interview. Sue Atkins describes herself as ‘a writer, a speaker, a broadcaster, and a mum’, and will perhaps be best known to many as a TV presenter who regularly contributes on parenting and childcare issues. Making herself available to First Discoverers on […]

How to cut your childcare costs.

From tax breaks to sharing a nanny, there are savings to be made when it comes to caring for your little ones if you think creatively, plan ahead and have the knowledge you need to be informed. I was speaking on BBC Radio Leeds this morning about the spiralling cost of childcare. I work with […]

Have you ever considered Split – Shift Parenting ?

I’ve just been interviewed for a magazine about Split- Shift parenting and I wonder if it’s something you might consider for your family or are currently trying out? For a dual income home, the arrival of a child leads to one unavoidable question: “Who’s going to look after the kids?” Lots of parents of course […]

Changes to Childcare – what it means to you!

There are big changes coming in childcare and my great friend Laura Henry is an early years expert. Here is her recent blog to help you understand what the changes may mean to your family. Dear Parents I am a parent of two boys and an early years specialist and have worked within the early years […]

Me do it! Me do it!

  Today I am delighted to have as my guest blogger: Laura Henry, Managing Director of Childcare Consultancy. Laura has worked in early years/education for over 25 years and has two teenage sons and we are meeting up to  talk about children, childcare and all things parenting today in Bletchingley over cupcakes and coffee ! For […]

Choosing a Nursery – Made Easy

Its’ an important decision choosing where you want your children to go to nursery and there are many factors to look out for, but the most important one is to let your intuition be your guide and to look at number of nurseries before you choose. Here are some Positive Parents tips for choosing a […]